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We Put The HBCU Experience In A Box!

Updated: Apr 10

Two HBCU Alums have created a brand that not only highlights the HBCU experience and culture, but also works to give back!

We are the ONLY company that puts the HBCU experience in a box.

The ONLY company that puts the HBCU Experience In A Box.

My HBCU Box, is the first and only HBCU inspired subscription box company that solely targets HBCU students, alums and supporters. The entire notion of this company is that they bring the HBCU experience to your doorstep with each box that is curated. Literally, each box!

When asked why they ventured into uncharted territory, the dynamic duo made it clear that they wanted to be an entity that showcased the beauty of HBCUs and represented the culture well. "Being a product of an HBCU has allowed me to become the woman that I am today," co-founder Derreka The Diva states, "if it weren't for my HBCU, I wouldn't exist in this capacity. That alone is the driving force that motivated us to create this brand."

Danni Simmons and Derreka the Diva are both HBCU alums that are on a mission to support the culture, represent HBCUs in a positive manner but also give back. They proudly begin conversations in reference to HBCUs by stating they are graduates of the Prestigious and Productive Prairie View A&M University and jokingly talk about their HBCU rivals in down in Texas. If it wasn't for attending an HBCU, this dynamic duo would have never have met. They met on the campus of Prairie View A&M University after they pledged together. From that day forward the two remained close playing with the idea of businesses they could venture into, until one day the decided to start the brand of My HBCU Box.

Beyond Homecomings & Parties

One of the greatest missions the pair wants to display is that HBCUs are far more than Homecomings and parities. Although those are a well known staple of HBCU culture, My HBCU Box wants to highlight HBCU excellence in every capacity. "On every campus of HBCUs, you will find geniuses that are cultivating their own talents to take into the world." Danni Simmons proudly states. "The ultimately goal is the have the world respect our degrees and HBCU pride as much as they love our parities and turn ups." The brand is focused on highlight all aspects of HBCU life from the parities to academics.

The Art of Giving Back

"Philanthropy is more than just a word", Derreka the Diva states, "it is true action that helps to change the trajectory of someones life." Giving back is at the core of My HBCU Box by ensuring that with every sale that is made, a portion of the proceeds go toward their scholarship fund that is given to current and future HBCU students. At the start of the business venture, giving back was always at the forefront. The two agreed in saying that we want to be what we needed and had while at our HBCU. If it wasn't for Alumni donations and contributions, there would have been times when both ladies could have face the reality of not being able to stay on campus and pursue their degrees. My HBCU Boxes ultimate goal is to pair with HBCUs and their alumni chapters to be able to give directly to deserving students that are representing their HBCUs in the utmost manner. During the Fall 2020 semester they plan to begin to roll out their My HBCU Box Scholarship fund and provide financial assistance for HBCU current and future students.

The School Daze Box

School Daze are the best days, right? Well, at least that is what every HBCU student and alumni would say.

Why School Daze? Why is the theme even relevant in 2020?

Derreka the Diva: "We chose this theme because not only did this film have a direct effect on everyone of our team members with the ultimate choice of attending an HBCU, it also is a signature film that is still so relevant today." The movie School Daze was filmed in 1988 and it shows the journey of a bevy of students as they combat stereotypes, strive to find themselves, pursue a higher education, battle unique issues that plague the African American community and protest against the injustices of the time. Doesn't that sound like the issues and scenarios that we are still combating today?

School Daze was one of the first films that captured the uniqueness of African Americans striving to educated themselves and use the skills learned at an HBCU to become a dynamic member of our world. My HBCU Box has taken the theme and pride that is School Daze and has worked to bring it to each of their "Cousins" in their latest quarterly box. By bringing the HBCU experience to all customers in every box, My HBCU Box has taken the theme to another level and showcasing the relevance of it still in 2020. Want to learn more about My HBCU Box?

Check out their latest video for their current School Daze Box.

Learn more about this amazing brand and all that they are doing for their community and HBCUs by clicking here.

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