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Letter to COVID-19 From An HBCU Student

Dear COVID-19,

Listen, Rona you have ruined many lives. WHO are you, WHERE did you come from, WHY are you here, WHAT are you trying to achieve, WHEN will you be departing our nation, HOW did you get here? Your sudden arrival put a lot of things on hold but also cancelled A LOT of important events for many individuals. Everyone thinks it’s all fun and games because you're not physically on campus at school but during the Spring semester is when a lot of significant events take place like probates, inductions, and commencements just to name a few. High school students can’t even partake in prom which is a once in a lifetime event and some graduation ceremonies are postponed until further notice. Moments that people have waited for almost their whole lives have become a slap in the face for them in a matter of days.

Honestly, at first I didn’t think you were as serious as they proclaimed. I believe you are a production of the government and they didn’t expect you to affect the world at this magnitude. Once you hit ones that I personally knew and are related to, that’s when I knew you were REAL and wasting holding back. I wish you would hurry and go back where you came from because I’m not the biggest fan of this quarantine lifestyle. It’s basically summer for me since I’m back home and I want to hang out with my friends and family and do the things I’m used to doing. Since you’ve come along I’ve been doing online class and going to work that’s it that’s all. Not only are you making people very ILL but you’re taking LIVES. You’re distancing me away from my grandmother who’s my best friend and I haven’t seen her since you made your little visit to Chicago. The academic part of the school transition isn’t the problem because I’m a honor student so I’m going to succeed despite of. My issue is I packed one week worth of clothes for Spring Break and then you cancelled school for the remainder of the semester. You’ve caused a lock-down making me not being able to retrieve my things for God knows how long since Alabama is on lock-down until April 30th ( as of now).

Moments that people have waited for almost their whole lives have become a slap in the face for them in a matter of days.

You have made people cancel their vacations, people are getting laid off, loved ones who have died because of YOU or other causes can’t even have a proper celebration of life.Weddings are being postponed, no visitations in the correctional facilities or hospitals. Students were forced to go home where they don’t have the proper educational tools to conduct online classes such as internet access, libraries, labs, laptops, quiet environments, or even textbooks. For me, I know I left everything school related in my dorm because I knew I wasn’t going to be doing any schoolwork during my Spring Break. I’m just ready for everything to go back to normal. You're messing with my sleep schedule. I sleep on and off during the day and wide awake at night. I’m bored out of mind so if I’m not at work or doing classwork I’m sleeping, eating, or online shopping. The weather is breaking in Chicago which means it is way warmer and we want to be outside, yet we’re trapped inside. I absolutely HATE it here but I’m blessed that my God is keeping the ones close to me especially my mother, grandmother, and I covered in his blood. I have two cousins and an uncle who fought off the virus but things could’ve been worse. I just want to know when will you go away? And when you do can you NEVER EVER come back, please and thank you in advance!


A Frustrated HBCU Student.

Written By: Che'mari kent

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Alabama state university student



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