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One could say that Dennis and Ebony’s love story began in the spring semester of 2006 at Prairie View A&M University. Shortly after crossing the burning sands, and having completely different majors, they both happened to be enrolled in an ethics class at Prairie View A&M have their first encounter. The class had about
120 students and vividly Ebony remembers a very tall and handsome but obnoxious male who couldn’t seem to control his arms making a “hook” gesture, nor is mouth as he made a point to bark every 3-5 minutes. This behavior annoyed Ebony to the extreme! Little did they both know this was only the beginning. As the course came to an end, these two didn’t have any contact until they both graduated in 2009.

In the summer of 2009, a mutual friend had a small gathering at her house and that’s where they briefly came in contact again, but there wasn’t a love connection just yet. Dennis decided to reach out to Ebony via Facebook to get some interior decorating ideas for his new apartment after getting some recommendations on whom to contact for such a task. Ebony was in shock and flattered that Dennis tracked her down on Facebook to receive some help with decorating. Still not knowing each other too well, it was strictly a business to get the job done.

Weeks passed, and Dennis mustard up the courage to as Ebony on a date. They went out a few times, but it was evident that they did

not have the same focus. Dennis was yet still Omega this and Omega that and put everything else in the backseat. His priorities were young and short termed, not conducive of a successful relationship. (But there is still hope)

As years passed them by, they both kept in touch and would run into each other in the community ever so often but still no union or commitment. Ebony prayed for Dennis and his shortcomings and held a special place of him in her heart. As Dennis grew closer to God and his faith, he too decided to pray about his future and more specifically if this almost a decade friendship should be pursed and made official. His prayers were answered. Ironically Ebony happened to be single at the moment and did not have any ill will against him. Dennis asked Ebony would she be willing to take a trip together to really get to know each other and just have some fun. She agreed, and even though they were apart for some time, it seemed as if they never missed a beat. It was surreal how easily it was to conversate and enjoy each other’s time. Dennis wanted to prove that he was more mature and ready, so he asked her to be his girlfriend. From that moment on, the two have been loving, supporting, and traveling like there is no tomorrow.

“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.”


Jennifer and I met for the first time in 2012 at Prairie View A&M University in health class We became really good friends and truly enjoyed one another’s company and conversation. I thought she would make a good wife one day by the things she said she would do for her man. I wanted to get to know her as more than a friend but for some reason, I never stepped up to the plate to ask her to be with me. She soon graduated and years went by but we stayed in touch and remained really good friends. 

In the summer of 2017 she made a Snapchat video about her being hurt from a recent break-up. I messaged her somee encouragement and tried to lift her spirits. All the while, feeling hurt form my own recent break-up. I made a small attempt to “shoot my shot” and she told me to stop trying to climb out of the friend zone.


Later that year during PVAMU’s Homecoming, someone jumped out of the crowd and called my name and low and behold it was her. A few days later we went out for lunch to talk about each other’s growth. She told me she never thought of me as more than just a friend because I was 3 years younger than her and she thought I was a “thot” due to me playing football. She admitted that she was wrong about that and about me. She told me she never met a guy that was such a gentleman, someone who would pick her up from home, open doors and not allow her to walk near the sidewalk. 

The following week, we went to a resort and spent a few days together. We enjoyed each other’s company so much that we decided to take our friendship to the next level.


Six months later we made our relationship official and the rest as the say, is history that is still being written. We are #HBCULove”.”


“We have been together for 4 years but have known each other since the 10th grade and in August 2018 it will be 5 years that we have been together. Our relationship was one that was long distance initially since he lived in Ohio and I lived in Georgia. Now, we are both graduating in 3.5 years, but most importantly, we are doing it together. He is graduating with a 3.9 GPA and I will walk across the stage with a 3.65 GPA from North Carolina A&T University. We are the true definition of #HBCULove!” 





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